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The definition of XR on Wikipedia: using nonviolent civil disobedience to compel government action... If this qual… https://t.co/2J9Ki4sDhr
RT @BBCPolitics: "The ayes to the right 330, the noes to the left 231" MPs vote to pass the Withdrawal Agreement Bill on its final reading…
之前春蕾计划风波后续,这态度还差不多。国内网友还是比较宽容的,发个声明大家就都消气了。 https://t.co/SjTsrtjMw3
难道不是高通胀时期黄金才是保值投资,中等水平通胀一般是黄金和贵金属矿业组合? https://t.co/v4qsZ5YTu1
因为苏格兰和英格兰当时签订的是the treaty of union,有公投独立的法理前提,而加泰罗尼亚那个完全是违法,这和有没有选票完全是两码子事。 https://t.co/6seUPuawFU
RT @A_i: wild hearts never die https://t.co/DIELjU1Fkh
Striving to build a better echo chamber 🤪 https://t.co/wiadPRJZIQ
Striving for building a better echo chamber 🤪 https://t.co/wiadPRJZIQ
Oh I thought the number of visitor in Taiwan just hit record high despite China boycott? What is it to worry?… https://t.co/9viT79HjRg
豆瓣现在好像已经不流行拍漂亮小姑娘了,现在流行拍帅和尚,这是一种什么风潮? #一点观察不一定对
Misfortune cookies 🤪 https://t.co/CkWaPu5Pq2
自己的基金都败成这样了还要去中国,人傻钱多速来吗? https://t.co/nA2Cqw9nXB
RT @omgubuntu: ProtonMail Launch a Privacy-Focused Alternative to Google Calendar https://t.co/dKWLeWNprY https://t.co/syB6UOSzCY
Moving UN to London may be a good option, just saying... https://t.co/VOMgJ2hoD6
RT @NHM_London: It may be the #FirstDayBack for many, but @TheMERL have declared it #FirstDayQuack and we're running with it. Here's one o…
RT @marcowenjones: [Thread] 1/ This one is on Iraq/Iran/US. An interesting hashtag is trending. "انا عراقي البرلمان لا يمثلني" - which tran…
Oh. Presumably under the name of “freedom and democracy”? 🙄 https://t.co/IQZE0r0fTg
这老师好潮啊!真羡慕!我老师送我的都是《青春之歌》什么鬼的,人和人的差距为什么这么大... https://t.co/qJBrEtq7hJ
刷刷推这就1%了? #fml https://t.co/DNxdmiWV80
We have redefinition of “self defence” thanks to Raab. https://t.co/tkKFxbpRc4
So much for the “special relationship” with commonwealth countries then... 🙄 https://t.co/IOl6nmI18H
Just what you need in post-Brexit era and when entire region is under the potential nuclear threat. That’s how post… https://t.co/1FlJMut5zn
不要觉得亚洲男性弱鸡,疯起来你们都怕... https://t.co/1Ntq2qfeU6
伊朗战狼,比我们的厉害,我们的基本处于排队形NMSL的初级阶段,要努力。 https://t.co/M7fLl5FCd4
RT @CGTNOfficial: China rules out SARS, MERS and bird flu in latest outbreak of pneumonia cases in central China's Wuhan as investigation c…
RT @Volvic73345688: 国粹。感觉认识上面的汉字,半小时就速成京剧大师了🤣。中国式五线谱,谁发明的?天才呀!大仓大仓大大仓.....台台台🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/uyNOaYtDzU
RT @crocsushi: I can’t fucking beleive it https://t.co/kfop6YQzn1 https://t.co/2wYG4XCLR0
The level of mainlandphobia https://t.co/ITUIvG35v4
RT @AsianRailroader: China?! This guy literally just described the West/United States... https://t.co/37ubGM5I0F